I Didn't Get Anything For Christmas.

Santa skipped my house this year.
Everyone in my house slept in. No packages were opened. The trashcan remained relatively empty. We just had a relaxing day doing pretty much nothing.
Every other year my family celebrates Russian Orthodox Christmas, which falls on January 7th this time around. My middle son was with his biological dad for Christmas, so the rest of the family waits until Russian Christmas to open gifts. I don't have to fight lines or deal with all of the shopping stress, because I have a couple extra weeks to procrastinate this year.
It's not a random date either, because his biological family is actually Russian Orthodox. His grandfather was a priest. My biggest impression of the faith is that it stinks like incense, they say everything three times so services last longer, and there's a lot of standing involved. Let's just say I'm not contemplating converting at the moment.
So, January 7th, a date celebrated by a faith I don't practice, I'll open a bunch of boxes and ooh and ahh at all of the carbon bits. My youngest son will get his drop bar kick bike. The rest of my family will tear into their own gifts, then I'll probably take a nap. I might bolt some parts on a bike or two. I'll likely get on the trainer for a while. Maybe I'll take the kids skiing. I'll mainly just try to relax.
Being out of sync with everyone else isn't always a bad thing.


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