Another Dome Fail.

Another week, another missed opportunity to ride around in circles under a big inflatable tent.
Last week I showed up on New Year's Day with the expectation that they would not be open. However, since my coaching day with Mighty Mites was pushed back a couple hours, this was my only potential chance to ride the full cycling session this year. I was right, they were closed, and I spent a glorious 90 minutes on the trainer when I got home.
This week I showed up and saw a whole lot of bikes leaned up against the entrance, which I took as a good sign. It was a few minutes after 7:00 AM, but the guys on Sunday mornings have a casual regard for punctuality. I sat in my car and waited. Nobody showed to unlock the building. I checked the website for notices, but the schedule posted rarely reflects anything more than a conflicting jumble of start times for various activities. Joey walked over, looking well-insulated, and we chatted while we waited. I sat in my car with the window cracked, because I'm a wimp and I was already looking at a full day of standing out in the cold. No need to rush things.
Eventually my window of availability closed to the point that if I was going to do anything before skiing, I had to head home and get on the trainer. I grabbed my bike, racked it up, and played on Zwift for an hour. From what I understand, they showed up a few minutes later to open up.
No big deal. Demand for the time slot is there, as evidenced by all of the bikes leaning up against the entrance. As much as I enjoy the break in monotony once a week, the big thing is that enough people are using the opportunity to ensure it continues. Sooner or later the stars will align well enough for me to do a few laps before the snow melts and we return to pavement.
As long as somebody's using it. 


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