Playing Around in the Garage.

I was putting together my new tool chest the other day, stowing a few bike tools that I tripped over carrying the damn thing into the garage. It may not be made all that well, but it sure is heavy. I'm going to mount an ibuprofen dispenser on the side, just in case I need to move it.
Just getting the bike tools in a semi-centralized location will make projects a lot easier. I seem to spend half of my precious bike-wrenching time searching for the wrench. With the pegboard holding some of the tools, I may not even need the top cabinet. In its place, I might just install an expensive worksurface to hold disorganized piles of "really good stuff" that I'll never get around to using. Horizontal surfaces have a way of doing that around here.
The temperatures in the garage are always influenced heavily by the outside ambient temperatures. Lately that's meant it's been pretty cold on the trainer for the first 15 minutes or so. Sometimes I don't turn on the fan, lest I draw in air from closer to the garage doors. That first blast from the fan on a sweaty back can be... invigorating.
I'll get everything sorted out and placed perfectly just in time for the road season, at which point I'll ignore the trainer dungeon and pile crap in there until I'm forced off the road by winter weather. Then the process will start all over...
Oh well, it keeps me occupied and off eBay.


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