White Stuff.

It snowed this weekend. A pretty fair amount.
"Well duh, you're in Alaska."
To be honest, the last three years I've kinda wondered about that. This winter has been a nice change, with reliably cold temperatures (last week's dip into the double-digit negatives wasn't all that great) and actual snow. 
Not rain. Snow. Dry, fluffy stuff. Great skiing snow, the kind Utah and Colorado brag about.
I don't even mind shoveling it, because it's not heavy at all. I'm just running out of room to put it. I had to reconfigure my stacking strategy just to make room for the latest. I'm just hoping it settles a bit before the next storm.
I hope there's a next storm.
I initially stayed in Alaska because of the snow. It's nice to see it return.
What we have now might not be the greatest for fat-biking until the trails set up, but I think those of us who enjoy winter can universally say that this is a very good year so far.
Let it snow.


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