Hanging It Up.

I have a lot of really nice blue Park Tool bike tools. I spent a lot of money on them. I have a really nice blue Park Tool case for them. I spent a lot of money on it too. Seems like it would be easier to organize all of my pretty blue tools in my pretty blue case, but it just ended up being a big pile of crap that resulted in lost tools at exactly the time that I needed them most. I needed another way to store them.
As a temporary solution, I bolted a couple small pegboards to the trainer dungeon walls to get some of the less-used-but-still-important-and-expensive tools off the floor and in a readily-available location. The tools I use all of the time were just going to migrate to the bike stand tool tray anyway, so I didn't bother hanging them up.
We'll see how this works.
I've never been the most organized wrench, so I'm hoping this is the start of a new era. I have far too many multiples of tools I lost, replaced, and then found again. I like having spares, but they usually went missing in the first place at exactly the wrong moment.
I may designate the expensive blue case as my race-day tool box, and replace it in the garage with a tool cabinet that can actually fit all of my tools in a semi-organized fashion.
I've always dreamed about a well-lit space where I can work on all of my bikes, instead of a dim garage where one wrong step can result in a broken leg. A workspace where everything has its place, and that place isn't vaguely defined as "somewhere within 100', possibly under something else." A place where I can efficiently knock out all of the jobs that are piling up as quickly as the money can drain from my bank account. It's a nice dream.
Maybe in the next house.


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