Best of Intentions.

The day after Christmas, I took the three-year-old skiing.
Well, that didn't go well.
He was in one of his stubborn moods. He started sitting down. He didn't want to budge, no matter what manner of coaxing I used. He just wasn't into it. After two runs down the ski bump, the second of which I carried him, I threw in the towel. While he ate pretzels with his sister, I made a couple runs to see if I could still turn like I could only a few years ago. I'm rusty, but I can make a pretty arc or two. Too much coaching and not enough training.
The young one's fit was my fault. He hadn't taken a nap and was getting extremely bipolar. I should have seen it coming, but I was too focused on getting everything ready for the big adventure that I forgot about the most important thing- the kid. I do that sometimes.
We'll try again, when he's well-rested. Hopefully we have years and years to ski together.


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