I saw on Facebook the other day a high school classmate died. Can't say that I knew him. More like I knew of him. Friend of a friend kind of thing.
Still, he was a contemporary of mine.
Car accident. Drunk driver (multiple offender) crossed the line and killed him as he drove home to his family from his second job. Some random twist of fate that could have just as easily happened at 16 as it did at 46. Not sure that's any comfort to his wife and children.
Every now and then I see someone my age shuffled off this mortal coil after a long and protracted battle with something or another. The older I get, the more I see that sort of thing. Part of being a geezer, I guess.
Life is all about managing risk and reward. If I was smart, I would eat quinoa and beet diet and only do the right activities that would maintain the ideal level of stress on my body.
I've never been accused of being smart.
I enjoy food that isn't optimal in quantities that make doctors shudder. I like activities that sometimes put me at risk. I like buying inconsequential bits of carbon fiber that are far too expensive for the function they perform. I like enjoying life, because it could all be over tomorrow. While I'm certainly screwing it up royally, fucking up is one of my strong points. Gotta go with your strengths.
As the reminders of my own mortality pile up, so does the reminders that life is a pretty cool thing, full of opportunities and experiences. If you wait too long or while your days away on the internet, you might miss out. Having missed more than my share, I speak from vast experience.
So... why are you wasting your time reading a blog?
Go ride your bike.


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