Return to the Dome.

After a couple weeks of trying, I finally made it through the doors of the Dome.
When I showed up, no other cyclists were there. I did 15 minutes of laps before Yrjö Roovers joined me for circles on his Ritte fixie. Neither one of us was interested in pushing it, so we kept a conversational pace. A few other riders showed up, but only the perennially fashionably late Richard Tilton was really putting out anything resembling a watt. It was more of an excuse to get away from the trainer for a little while.
Compared to the pile of bikes waiting to get in the previous week, the turnout was somewhat flaccid. I hope this turns around, and people haven't been discouraged by the variable opening hours. Getting up that early on a Sunday is a tall order for a lot of people, and it wouldn't take much to kill the momentum. A couple months from now we'll be back on the road, and nobody will want to ride circles in an inflatable tent anymore. We have maybe six months out of the year to make our case, and then we have to hope they keep the session open the next year. The more bodies pedaling during that window, the stronger our case.
Hopefully I'll be able to ride in circles this week too. I'm finally back in the trainer groove, where every preparatory movement is natural and things are placed to get me from bed to trainer in a minimum amount of steps, but a weekly break from that routine is certainly appreciated.
Zwift is "social", but it doesn't compare to actual social interaction.


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