Making Time for the Little Things.

It's been hard lately to find time to work on my bikes. I always seem to have something else to do. That something else usually involves me napping or frittering away my time on the internet, buying bikes parts I don't have the time to install.
I need to re-assess my priorities and start finding the time, because the parts pile is starting to overflow and before I know it the season will be upon me. I don't want to roll into it with a bunch of bikes in various states of assembly. I don't want to wait until the night before a race to get a bike in working order. Better for it to be all bright, shiny, and in some semblance of working order well in advance.
It just starts the season off on the right foot. The early season is all about possibilities. You haven't been ground down by a long string of failures yet. You can still scheme and dream.
Plus, working on the bikes during the off-season is relaxing most of the time. If something goes wrong, you have time to correct it. You can dial things in. Make minor adjustments. Experiment. Install that bottom bracket motor that Femke Van den Driessche isn't using anymore. Find a trick way to mount the insulated panniers for your EPO. You know, marginal gains 'n' stuff.
I'd love to tear down the Storck, replacing the nicer parts with components more suited for trainer duty. I need to install all of those carbon cockpit bits and pieces, which will require the replacement of cables and bar tape that hasn't seen a significant amount of use but will probably be destroyed in the swapping process. I'd love to clean all of the bikes with these trick bike wipes I got down in Mississippi, scrubbing them to the point they no longer resemble a World War II submarine left sitting on the ocean floor for the last 75 years. I'd love to mount up some tubulars. For that matter, I'd love to hang some more hooks from the garage ceiling so I'm not tripping over expensive wheelsets all of the time. More lighting so I don't ruin what little eyesight I have left. The list is endless.
I just need to make it a priority.
After my nap.


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