I built up the titanium bike a month ago, just before I left for this trip.

Everything was shiny and new and quiet.

After a little over 1000 miles, it's starting to complain that I might not be doing enough maintenance.

The best part of the titanium frame is that it doesn't hold or show much dirt. Let it dry, lightly brush it off, and keep on riding.The problem is that while I was blinded by the clean frame, I didn't notice the drivetrain was a bit grungy. Riding in the rain and kicking up abrasive sand and dried chunks of possum road kill into the chain probably didn't do it any favors.

In Anchorage my bike gets filthy pulling out of the driveway, so even if I'm not 100% on top of the maintenance, the interval doesn't quite extend out to every 1000 miles or so.

Tonight I started cleaning the bike in the room, wiping some stuff down and lubricating others. Checking wear items and generally doing things I should have done every day. Down here, this bike is my primary mode of transportation, recreation, and pretty much the one thing that keeps me sane. It deserves better than I've given it.

This doesn't mean I've changed. I've just kicked the squeaks 500 miles down the road.


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