I Wish I Could.

I have more time on my hands than I know what to do with.
My only obligation down here is school, and when the day is done I come back to a quiet room. I change into my kit and go riding. When it's dark, I come back. That usually amounts to two or three hours of riding a weekday, far more than I can muster at home.
At home I have family obligations. Ninety minutes (at best) is all I can squeeze in. No long, slow distance for me. Everything is compressed and organized to get as much benefit as possible out of the precious moments.
A weekend ride here stretches to three or four hours. I wish I could ride longer, but the heat and humidity beats me down until my kit is drooping under the water weight and my pace slows to a crawl. No matter how much I back off the pace, four hours is about my limit. Sometimes I do two rides in the morning and night to avoid the sun, but the totals never really justify the added effort.
When I get back to the room, I shower, change, and then walk a mile or so for food. Maybe I'll pick up a couple things I need at a store, then walk back. I usually take a long nap. With no plans or schedule, nothing that really interests me in the local area, and the desire to simultaneously lose weight and save money, napping is about the most effective way to kill the excess time.
I wish I could ride more, but I can't seem to get much further than four hours will let me. AT that point, I can't seem to drink enough or take in enough calories. I shed weight, but not in a good way. I feel the effects for days.
Maybe when it cools off I'll be able to up the hours. From what I hear, it starts getting cool around here the day before I leave. I'm looking forward to it.


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