No. It Can't Be. Crap. It Is.

It started with a tickle in the back of my throat one morning. A little rawness that went away after I showered. Forgotten. The next day it was back, a little more insistent this time. The following day there was pressure against my eardrum, leaving me with the sounds of the sea 24-7. All I would have needed was the smell of rotting fish and I would have been in Biloxi. Wait, I am in Biloxi. Crap.

A sinus infection crept up on me during my Virginia trip, and hit full-force after I returned. My nose wouldn't turn off, although I was thankfully able to keep the pressure down with periodic high pressure sinus flushes. I went looking for cold medicine like we have in Anchorage (you know, civilization), but they are in short supply down here. I got the best stuff I could find and doped up, praying it would do the trick.

Obviously riding with a head larger than Charlie Brown's and blowing impressive snot rockets every 100 yards isn't conducive to peak performance, so I backed off and did a little exploring. I mainly found dead-ends, but that didn't really bother me as long as I had a place to deposit the toxic waste flowing from my sinuses.

Hopefully this will pass soon. Walking around in a phlegm-cushioned fog is not my idea of fun.


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