My whole goal for riding while I'm down here is big numbers.

By big, I mean by my standards.

Not big power numbers, because I don't think I can generate them down here in this environment.

No big speed numbers, because speed equals more sweat, and I have far too much of that already.

The big numbers I'm talking about are miles and hours. Lots of time in the saddle cranking out mile after mile. If a big week in Anchorage was 150 miles, I try to double it in Biloxi. If I did X back home, Y down here better be a whole lot bigger.

Eventually all of this chasing meaningless numbers gets a little old. The saddle sore tells you to stop the ride at 59.8 miles instead of circling the block to make an even 60. The accumulated aches add up and delay your departures a little more each day. You get tired. Tired of seeing the same old roads and same old sights. Tired of the solo rides that may or may not pay dividends in the future (you start to suspect the latter). Tired.

One thing I have in Biloxi is time. Even with Daylight Savings Time robbing me of an hour of riding time each night, I have far more free time than I do at home. Time is something I have to fill, and time can get expensive if I'm not on my bike or sleeping. Riding more makes me sleep more, so I have less time for spending money.

I did spend a few dollars on a scale. While I'd like to see the hour and mileage numbers climb, I'd also like to see the weight take a nosedive. Despite my scientifically-sound diet of Arby's and Patio Burritos, I think the added miles and hours are going to help me with this goal.

The only number that really matters is the one I'm ignoring- how many days are left until I can go home. Right now it's too far away and to obsess over it would just drag me down. Better to keep that number kinda hazy and undefined at this point in the journey.


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