Snot Rockets.

The sinus infection continues, although it's marginally under control. I still blow impressive snot rockets on rides, something I don't think they see a lot of down here. The drugs still make me feel kinda insulated from the world. I get up every morning and flush my head out with saline, then repeat the process at lunch, in the afternoon, and at night. It helps, but there's always more where that came from.

My on-bike performance is similarly blunted. Keeping up with the surges on the "pain train" if I'm badly positioned are a waste of time. I'll catch them on the next lap. Once latched on, I can hang on well enough, but extended efforts fill my heat with phlegm and shut me down. My whole body is fighting this thing, and has little in reserve for the bike.

On longer rides, where the pace is lower, I don't fill up so quickly. Without a paceline, I don't have to worry so much about where the rocket flies, as long as it doesn't hit that truck with the Confederate Battle Flag in the rear window.

The snot does have its uses, though. I can save it up for those times when I'm passing a road-kill armadillo. I could probably employ it in a killer sprint strategy if I could nail the timing down.

Until then, I'm going to ride with a head as big as Charlie Brown's.

Anything to pass the time.  


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