Killing Time.

Time is something I have too much of at the moment.

Weekends are the worst. Long weekends last forever.

There's only so many hours I can ride in a day. My failing and inadequate body, combined with the heat, humidity, and a nagging saddle sore limit my riding to around four hours (give or take). That leaves a lot of hours left to fill.

Eating is one of my other passions, but I'm trying to lose some weight. Besides, even a day at the casino buffets has to end sometime. Not that I've been this trip, because my last visit was such an overpriced disappointment. Mainly I've been eating cheap and trying to limit the sheer volume I stuff down my throat (with some success).

Naps take up some time, but I'm hesitant to take too many of them lest my instructors take offense at me sleeping in class.

Studying is something I've always been bad at, so there's another thing that doesn't eat up my days.

I surf the internet. I went to a Buddy Guy concert. I watch TV. I do most anything to avoid spending money on stuff I don't need. It isn't easy.

I'm ready to go home. I was ready before my plane landed in Gulfport. Hell, I was ready when I booked the flight down here. I'm not even close to leaving.

But I'm ready. Spare time is a luxury I'd gladly give up. 


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