Killing Time.

The worst part of being in Biloxi for me is filling the time. It's no secret that I truly hate the Gulf Coast, and need serious distractions to avoid going full-bore active shooter. For me, that involves a lot of miles. So many miles that I don't have the energy to go to the gun store and start the background check process. So many miles that I run out of sun and can barely walk. That keeps the demons at bay. It's not a perfect strategy, but it works. For now.

After a couple days of re-riding old routes, I went looking for something new. Most of this was purely practical. With the change in season, the dark comes on earlier and earlier. Most of my known routes were in places that took significant time to ride to, on routes that are somewhat sketchy even with good light. Not wanting to be a hood ornament, I tried to find someplace closer, or at least safer, to ride.

Across the bay in Ocean Springs is a nice state park with a really nice road. A lot of local triathletes do team time trial laps of this road, and I jumped on for a couple laps to see if I could keep up with their deep-section carbon and aerobar pacelines. Turns out, I could as long as I wheel-sucked. They keep a really solid pace, although for some reason they go backwards when any sort of bump appears in the road. Around here, a 100' overpass is a significant climb, so perhaps they just aren't used to going uphill. The can really grind out the flat, though. Made me hurt at times, even tucked into the draft.

After figuring out there was someplace worth riding out that way, I had to find the best route to get there. This involved a bunch of fruitless internet searching and even more trial and error. Lots of dead-end streets and dodging traffic. Eventually I located a route that was suitable, conveniently marked with "bike route" signs. What are the chances?

A group ride here or there, a handful of routes to choose from, a few thousand miles in my legs, and I might not start a doomsday cult.

No promises.


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