I may not be very good at riding a bike, but I'm absolutely terrible at not riding a bike.

Given the chance, I'll ride day after day until I can't turn over the pedals anymore, taking my enthusiasm, motivation, and energy down the same black hole. Then I'll wonder why I'm not getting any better at it. I'm smart like that.

A week or so ago I planned today as a rest day. I'd put in a good chunk of miles, and was starting to feel flat. As the impending rest day approached, I started thinking I might just ride easy. Keep the legs spinning. Objects in motion and all that crap.

Today after lunch I walked the half mile to class and was drenched in sweat by the time I got there. The walk home was worse. Lightning and thunder were forecast. I figured I'd wait until just before dark, when it was cooler, then do a few laps of the base. I took a nap.

When I woke up, I felt better (sleeping in an air-conditioned room does that for me). I stepped outside, looked at the sky, adjusted to the temperature, then turned around and walked back. The bike stayed where it was. The kit remained on the hangers. The cycling shoes did whatever cycling shoes do on the floor. I sat on the bed and reflected on how good that felt. I took another nap. I didn't ride.

Funny how I get better at this cycling thing even when I'm not riding.


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